Past Event

Astronomy Night Open House

Jun. 9, 2023

Friday / 8:30 PM

Event Details

Explore the heavens during one of our astronomy nights. Open houses involve presentations on a range of fascinating astronomical phenomena, instruction on the telescopes, and, when weather permits, observing with our beautiful historic Fitz telescope as well as modern supplemental telescopes.

The Detroit Observatory is excited to feature Prof. Matie Hoffman, from the University of the Free State, to speak on the Naval Hill Planetarium, previously the Lamont-Hussey Observatory of the University of Michigan. The talk will cover the history of the observatory, its survival and conversion to a digital planetarium, and highlights from UFS’s current research.

June Telescope Sights: Venus, Globular Cluster M13, Spica

Please note: astronomy events at the Observatory take place even if the weather does not permit observing. We offer unique tour and telescope demos when we can’t observe the night sky. Tickets are required, and open house registrations are capped at 100 guests. You can arrive anytime from 8:30 pm to 10 pm. You will be given a time slot for visiting the dome. While you are waiting, check out other features and presentations.

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