Past Event

Astronomy Night: Seeing in Depth

May. 27, 2022

Friday / 8:30 PM

Event Details

The Detroit Observatory Seeing in Depth Astronomy Nights provide a more intimate and intensive experience than our regular open houses.  Registration is limited to 24 guests, which allows everyone to have more time in the dome and at the telescope, if weather permits observing.  The event is built around a particular theme which links the history of the Observatory and the University to modern astronomy and observing the heavens.

May’s event will focus on asteroids and double stars — as investigated by the Observatory’s first director, Franz Brünnow.  Brünnow helped bring to the United States the most up-to-date methods in astronomy in the mid-19th century.  He was a key player in observations and calculations that established astronomical distances and helped map the solar system and the visible stars.  The evening will include presentations and discussion about Brünnow himself, his work, and the basics of the astronomy involved, then and now.  If weather permits observing, we will explore some of the same fascinating phenomena that Brünnow did, including asteroids and double stars. (Please note: the event description previously stated there would be a focus on red stars.  That has changed.  But stay tuned for future programs focused on red stars.)